Welcome to Diamond L Ranch! Registered Texas Longhorns for Sale!

Phil & Lisa Baker

Our ranch is located on about 100 acres in Fayetteville, Texas & is our permanent residence.  We take pride in how we care for our longhorns.  Being that our ranch is small, we try to keep the herd small as well- give or take about 30 horns.  We have evolved substantially with our knowledge of the breed since the first two cow/heifer pairs that Phil aquired for my birthday in April 2013.

Our "Horns"

I'm going to give a "shout out" to Russell Fairchild because after a chance meeting at a Red McCombs sale, we've developed a great friendship, a better understanding of the breed, and certainly an increase in herd quality.  My aim is quality heifers.  After establishing a great group of foundation cows, this is what we have!  I look for specific bulls to breed to my ladies and furthermore, specific bulls for each cow.  We normally AI our ladies and not wanting to waste a breeding season with the outcome of a bull (nothing against cute little bulls, we just don't have the space for 'em)~ we always use sexed semen.  This sometimes proposes a problem in that I think that I've found the perfect bull match for one of my ladies, however the breeder has no heifer sexed semen.  We always have a plan 'B" around here.