About Us

The Family

Phil, Lisa, Hannah & Bailey the dog.

The Ranch

Why Fayetteville, Texas & why the "Diamond L Ranch?"

The Herd

How did we get started raising longhorns?

The Family

We have lived in Fayetteville, Texas since 2013.  We obvioulsy work close together with our horns, however our day job and main focus is our bustling law firm in La Grange.  Our daughter, Hannah is currently attending university on a volleyball scholarship & will graduate soon with a degree in Biology!

The Ranch

After living in Austin a short period of time, Phil just needed to move back to the country.  We stumbled upon our place in Fayetteville & never looked back.  The "ranch" has changed tremendously since we first moved in and has offered us a perpetual project!

The Herd

Phil bought me my first longhorns as a birthday present, April 2013.  We started out with 2 bred cows with heifers by their side.  The idea was to look out over our front pasture and see beauty.  Those two first heifers are now used as recipients and are fantastic moms. We are very proud how our herd has evolved.

Phil's day job is the best criminal defense attorney in Texas!  He is also a pretty darned good musician & pilot.

Diamond L Ranch~  My birthstone is diamond. "L" is for Lisa, Longhorn, Life, Love & Laughter.

We take pride in making sure our herd is user friendly!

I work with Phil at our  law firm in La Grange, Texas.  I also am a 2nd level sommelier, pretty good chef and sometime artist.

When we are not at the law shack or working cows, we defintely enjoy a good BBQ.

Did I mention, we are very hands on with our herd!

Phl has been a pilot since age 16.  We have a small plane which we use for cases across Texas and Colorado, going to sales and ranches, and of course, vacations when possible.

When Hannah is around, she is a big help.  You see her here grooming Bailey; our Great Pyrenees, also known as "dog", "bear dog', "wolf dog" and sometimes names by Phil we can't use on the website. : )

The cow rubbing on our 1947 Willys ranch vehicle is "Suds". Suds doesn't quite know she's a longhorn. 

Hannah is graduating Cume Laude from Chaminade University in May of 2018 where she attended college on a volleyball scholarship!

Phl in his Bob Wills pose.  As has been mentioned, Phil is an accomlished musician~ he plays a mean fiddle and guitar.  His speciality is western swing.

Here we are making sure "Elsa" (who was born on the coldest day of January 2017) is up and running.