Welcome to our Sale Pen!

Diamond L Ranch is a small operation.  

We have had so much success with last year's breeding program that we're running out of pastures.  We have chosen a select group to sale private treaty to make room for our growing bunch of high-quality heifers.  In most cases, we have multiple heifers from each of these ladies.

Note: We're hands-on folks with our herd & take pride in the fact our cows have a good disposition.  You'll be able to tell we take good care of the herd, just by how fat & spoiled they are.  Come see for yourself!

All of our ladies are registered with the TLBAA.

Surrounded By Stars

Sire:  Star Marker

Dam:  Ludvin's Ava

"Surround" is a big bodied cow currently bred to DH Bucket List- check out Bucket List's pedigree!!    We have successfully AI'd her to Safari BL Chex, Hubbell's 20 Gauge, and Fifty Fifty BCB resulting with outstanding heifers. 

Surround Reg#: C261417

This is Dew Drop- (03/27/15, 66 1/8 TTT) one of several heifers we have from Surround.  Notice that if you choose the right bull match, you can successfully bring those huge horns down...  Dew Drop has an outstanding heifer out of "Bucket". The heifer might be named Idalou~ at less than 6 months, she has 17.5" ttt & perfect squared out confirmation!

Surround DOB: 01/01/2009

Horn Measurements:

TTT: 58 1/4

TH: over 102"!!!



Easterly's Assistant Coach

Sire: Coach Tommie

Dam: Bayou Ruth

Easterly has a classic Butler look. She is well mannered and stoic. 

Easterly Reg#: C227858

This little heifer next to Easterly is "She's a Pistol PLB"- she is an amazing heifer out of Hubbell's 20 Gauge.   We sold her as a 9 month old for $5,000.  

Easterly DOB: 03/19/2004

Horn Measurements: 

TTT: 68 1/4"

Price:  $1,500.00

Prices listed are for cows only- calves may be negotiated.

Wiregrass Rosalie

Sire: Wiregrass Guns A Smokin

Dam: Wiregrass Lynda's Bauble

She's elegant, calm and over 82 inches tip to tip! 

Rosalie Reg#: C302015

"Rosalie" boasts 82" -  She currently has a DH Bucket List heifer at side that is just gorgeous.  We will retain that heifer along with her Fifty Fifty and Ringman heifers.  They are all amazing!

Rosalie DOB: 07/03/2007

Horn Measurements:

TTT: 82 1/8

Price: $9,800.00

Hubbells Rio Miss H.C.R.

Sire: JP Rio Grande

Dam: Hunts Miss America Maid

Rio has really filled out since she's been with us and has had some nice horn growth. She is a beautiful brindle lady with beautiful twist in her horns.

Rio - Reg#: I273716

"Rio" has a flashy brindle bull at side sired by DH Bucket List. 

We'll be pasture breeding her to Sam Chex shortly~ when confirmed the price might just go up! ; ).

Rio - DOB: 04/17/2010

Horn Measurements:

TTT: 78 1/8

Price: $7,200.00

Some listed prices may be negotiable.

Paige Leigh

Sire: ZD Kelly

Dam: Suzie Leigh

Paige Leigh is just beautiful.  We have sold each of her heifers and currently  have gorgeous one out of fifty Forty BCB.

Reg#: C263592

Paige Leigh is one of the most photogenic cows we have - "Paige" will look great on any pasture.  She is calm, but a talkative one.  When the cubes come out she'll be the first to let the others know. 


Horn Measurements:

TTT: 78 1/4

Price: $3,200.00

Dolly's Polly 18/8

Sire: George W. RG 92

Dam: Blue Mountain Dolly

Dolly  is a Tri-colored sweet beauty.

Reg#: C262960

Dolly is another "laid-back" lady with a beautiful horn-set.  We currently have a DH Bucket List heifer that we plan on retaining.  

DOB: 06/30/2008

Horn Measurements:

TTT: 65 3/4

Price:  $1,800.00

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