Foundation Cows

Surrounded By Stars

DOB:  01/01/2009

Reg#:  C261417

Sire:  Star Marker

Dam:  Lundins Ava

Paige Leigh

DOB:  08/22/2008

Reg#:  C263592

Sire:  ZD Kelly

Dam:  Suzie Leigh

Wiregrass Rosalie

DOB:  07/03/2007

Reg#:  C302015

Sire:  Wiregrass Guns A Smokin

Dam:  Wiregrass Lynda's Bauble

Diamond Thief BCB

DOB:  10/08/2013

Reg#:  CI294058

Sire:  Bandera Chex

Dam:  Ellie's Diamond

Sheza Sittin' Pretty SRC

DOB:  08/03/2010

Reg#:  CTI268302*

Sire:  Sittin Bull

Dam:  CC Sheza Whip Er Will

Dew Drop Diamond

DOB:  03/27/2015

Reg#:  CA296767

Sire:  Safari BL Chex

Dam:  Surrounded By Stars

RJF Sittin Whipper

DOB: 08/07/2010

Reg#: CTI292275

Sire:  Sttin Bull

Dam:  CC Sheza Whip Er Wil

Hannah Ray SRC

DOB: 03/24/2017

Reg#: CTI303875*

Sire: Iron Hail

Dam: NN Sarita

DC Blanquita

DOB: 06/29/2018




Little Wing PLB




Ring O' Roses PLB




Sweet Jennie Lee PLB




Hubbells Rio

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